Forward Planning

Phil Woolford writes;

Walks planned for November, December and January.

La Vella, coming up in January 2013

The next walk is on Friday, 16th November, it is about 11.5 km long and has a gentle rise from the Fogon, on the Barbaroja side of Hondón de los Frailes, up to the top of the ridge opposite the Fogon. We will then walk out onto the shoulder of El Agudo, AKA The Pointy One, and then back again. A good leg stretch and not at all difficult. The long range weather forecast isn’t too good, so think about warm and waterproof
kit… 🙂

We intend to depart the Fogon at 10.00 and to be back between 1.00 and 1.30. If you think that you will be coming and would like a menu del diamthen please let me know so that I can forewarn the restaurant. If you are not walking but would like to join for lunch then also please let me know. The menu at the Fogon is €8.00.

Looking ahead to December, we had a representative group meeting of 29 people for the last walk and decided that as there is no weekday when someone can’t make it that we would go for a Sunday walk. So the idea is to gather on Sunday the 9th December at the little bar in the centre of Barbaroja to depart at 10.00, at least that is for those who want an 11.5 Km walk with a climb up to La Canalosa at the beginning. For those who are not quite so keen on the distance and the climb, you can join at La Canalosa and just walk down and back to Barbaroja, a distance of about 7 Km, mostly downhill or level, where we plan to have a Sunday Lunch, again about €8.00. Now before you shout at me, we can organise a ferry service to get those who join at La Canalosa back to their cars; not only that, but from La Canalosa back to Barbaroja we will have a car following in case anyone finds the walk a bit much. This will be the only walk in December as we are catering for those who want an easy walk and those who want something a little bit tougher. It is timed to occur before people go back to the UK for Christmas but that need be no deterrent to eccentricity nor the wearing of silly hats etc. although this is not a requirement eccentricity is encouraged…! 🙂 More detail on this walk once I have finalized the arrangements, but bookings for
lunch being taken from now on…

Post Christmas Calorie Buster:

The Radio Mast at La Vella, the one you can see from the CV845 on the Sierra behind the Urb between the two Hondons. 835 meters above sea level.

The Radio Mast on top of La Vella

Well, what are we going to do in January? Malcolm Thompson has volunteered, with only one arm up behind his back, to lead a more strenuous walk in January to help us burn off the mid winter flab! This will be more arduous as there are no pubs at the beginning, middle or end and there is a significant climb and descent involved. It will also take longer than our walks to date, so it will be a bring a packed lunch with you if you want to eat on this event. Of course we are also looking at an easier walk for those who might be deterred by this walk. More details later when we have them sorted out.

Spanish Trig Point on La Vella

OK, one last point, do we have a volunteer to lead a walk in February? I
am thinking of re-doing the easy walk that we did this month, but the
almonds should be in full flower in early February, so ideas for a
longer/harder walk for later in the month?