El Algudo

El Algudo, Friday 16th of November;

Despite the inclement forecast, the weather on Friday was quite
acceptable for walking, so 24 people and one dog set of from the Fogon at 10.00.

After a gentle climb up to the ridge top we walked out along an undulating track to the flank of El Algudo to see the magnificent view over the plain of Murcia. Unfortunately, the cloud had lowered a bit by the time we got there so we were in the lower boundary of cloud and got a little damp. The view was also obscured, but we could see enough that those who had not been that way before were able to see that on a clear day you could see for miles…! We then returned to the ridge top and traversed it to the top of Camino de los Serranos and back to the Fogon, by which time everyone was dried out.

Wet and misty but happy

The return party was a bit more stretched out than the outward bound
group, but everyone completed the 12Km route and a rather noisy party of
tired walkers took over the veranda at the Fogon for liquid refreshment.
12 people then stayed on for the menu del dia, whilst others kept the
veranda party going for a bit with tapas.