Naughty Dogs

 We are a dog friendly walking group that welcomes responsible dog owners.

On the recent walk near Albatera there were three incidents caused by dogs that occasioned some concern to members of the group and would need to be addressed on further walks;

1) A dog got into a field and started a scuffle with the farmers dogs.

2) One member of the walk was nearly knocked off her feet on a narrow path and felt the need to shout ahead to other walkers to warn them. The group was brought to an emergency stop…!

3) At the end of the walk the first arrivals at the car park witnessed a dog run up and down a main road and endanger not only itself but other motorists with the owner no where to be seen.

Could I remind everyone that this behavior is unacceptable particularly on narrow paths, busy roads, wildlife areas and hunting grounds and that this walking group will obey the Country Code as understood by UK residents.