Brian Grass words & photos

Brian writes….

It was a fine day although chilly out of the sun. The walk started from the layby at 7km on the Hondon Albatera road. Heading directly into the countryside off road, we passed through citrus groves and fig plantations, walking for about an hour on undulating tracks we arrived at “Parque Montana”. Many of us had not been there before and found it a tranquil, picturesque and interesting place. We were led along the tracks, past a fire watch tower and arrived at what appeared to be an SAS training ground. One or two of our more adventurous walkers had to have a go on the wire rope slide. It was a good photo opportunity and I am pleased to report no injuries. It’s always nice to see the kids play!

Philip led us on through the park along single tracks, through pine woods where we came to a ravine and had to across a hastily built wooden foot bridge, (well it looked hastily built to me). One of our walkers was reluctant to chance crossing it so Philip, full of encouragement, demonstrated the “British Standard” load test, he stood in the middle and jumped up and down. Fortunately it passed and with a certificate of foot worthiness everyone passed over safely, with photos to prove it.

Out of the woods we climbed steadily up hill and the group stretched out a bit, passing a farm, from where the most awful smell was coming, some of us were curious as to what was being farmed, chickens or pigs and we lingered for a while discussing the possible origins of the smell, what I mean is we knew where it was coming from but not what beast was the culprit. Fortunately there was a Spanish worker nearby so Cath, in fluent Spanish, asked what lay within, or words to that effect. Truth is I don’t know what she said! But anyway the answer was clear enough – “PIGS” he said, I do hope he wasn’t being rude! Now that Cath is the official interpreter, if we encounter any irate farmers complaining that we are scrumping his Mandarines, (as if we would), Cath can smooth him over. While we lingered there we didn’t notice that the walk leader had taken the next left after the farm and with nobody in sight we walked straight on. After a few minutes we heard a whistle from behind, we turned and saw Philip waving frantically for us to come back and eventually we all arrived back at the cars. Now keep this to yourselves because I’m not one to gossip but I think that Philip has been itching to blow his whistle since the very first walk and we made his day by walking straight on!!!

Thanks to Philip for organizing the walk and to everyone for their company. We enjoyed the day very much

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