Brian Glass Photographs

Message from Brian Grass: Hondon Walking Group 1st February 2013
Assembling at 10:30 in Barbaroca it was a perfect day for walking, clear, sunny, a starting temperature of 17 degrees with a pleasant cooling breeze. We set off and were immediately surrounded by heavily scented Almond blossom. There was no great height gain just a gentle undulating track. The central part of the walk took us along a dry river bed and out into the Almond groves again. At one point we walked through a flood pipe into yet more blossom. In that plantation there were a large number of bee hives grouped in one corner. Normally honey bees are docile creatures but in this case they took an exception to us passing through their dining room” and managed to sting several of our group. It was a short walk from there back to Barbaroca, completing the best “Blossom” walk we had ever experienced. Once again our thanks to Philip for organizing this walk.
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