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As you may know, I intend to produce walking guides for most of our walks and the first one to be completed is last Fridays walk. Marie walked with a copy in her hand and said she could have found her way around with it, I have made a couple of minor changes since then. So I think it might be an idea to publish it to the blog, so that anyone who missed the walk could have a go before all the blossom blows away!

Would you ask anyone using it to give me feedback on it?


Barbaroja Circular Walk (The Almond Blossom Walk)

R, US, MT, LD, X 8.5Km, height gain 110 m.

Walk not advised immediately after heavy rain.

Leave Barbaroja Social Centre and go North for 150m, come to crossroads and go straight across and up Camino del Monovar. Carry on until nearly the end of the tarmac and take a track to the left across a field. At the end of the field, turn right onto more defined track; follow this, ignoring side turnings until you come to a hill where track divides, rusty hunting sign in front of you, take the left hand track and pass under power cables. Continue for 150m until track forks left across uncultivated field, opposite large slab of rock on your right and half way between two pylons, turn right onto the previous direction of march and follow faint track up to pylon at top of col.

Descend on loose surface until you come to fields, go straight ahead along LHS of uncultivated field on right until nearly at first terrace wall, descend left into cultivated field and follow RHS edge, track begins shortly follow this to junction and turn left. (Dogs on lead from here until past small house where loose dog is a bit territorial.) Shortly after house turn right and then left at next junction. Come to tarmac road and turn right to quarry and then left across front of quarry and cemetery to next road, MU-9-A, and left for 200m then, at bridge, go left down into barranca and follow the track away from the road. Come to bridge where MU-9-A crosses and walk under road. Stay in the barranca and pass under MU-410/CV845 (Trip hazard of protruding bolt heads in the underpass.) Continue in barranca for 600m and see field going in to left at your level; walk up LHS of field to end; exit by scrambling up, left, to 2m diameter drain pipe and through this. (Alternative for claustrophobics is a scramble at opposite corner of field.) Continue along LHS of new field along diminishing bank and then straight ahead to join farm road and turn left. After 150m take right hand track and follow to entrance to Village, near the Parade Bus, and hence back to Social Centre.

A possible hazard during blossom time is bees, if temporary hives have been set up in almond fields.

This link provides a map of the route:

 Abbreviation Decodes

R = road

MT = mountain track

US = Unsurfaced road

X = cross country

ER = exposed ridge

GE = Gully easy

GS = Gully steep

LD = loose descent

SCR = scramble

ST = steep.