Macisvenda 17/2/13

Photographs by Den Morgan.

Den Morgan writes…

Macisvenda, 17th Febuary

The Hondon Walkers gathered at Bar Central in Macisvenda. Ron as leader briefed the walk with Phil doing back safety marker. Rather than do a 2 km boring road start we took our cars and parked them to the immediate North of the Macisvenda quarry. From there we walked down to a lovely viewing point where the River Chicano surfaces into a small lagoon (it’s a pond but lagoon has more finesse) surrounded by lush, dense, bamboo vegetation. Would you believe it – and easy to see – were shoals of small fish! – not exciting enough to get the rod out but fish all the same – with the some what off putting name of Fartets. According to the sign a rare species. Which is probably correct as given the propensity of our Spanish hosts for hunting and fishing I’ve never been invited to have Barbecued Fartet!!!!. A very heavy mist was prevalent for most of the walk. But walking in mist shrouded mountains all added up to a different value for this walk. From the Laguna Ron lead us onwards for an undulating his word – for us uphill was more meaningful but always interesting and at times a somewhat chest, challenging – walk. And as the old adage says what goes up must come down – steeply. We caught the last of the wind (gale) blown Almond blossom, past magnificently groomed terraced fields, hunters hides and as the mist began to lift some wonderful views.