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Encebras, March 1st 2013, various photographers.

Den Morgan writes……

Hondon (Going International) Walkers

The Encebras Walk – 1 March 2013

Why International, well in addition to our own delightfully Dutch Yolanda and occasionally Henk, a lovely Swiss lady has joined our group. It’s open to all who enjoy good company and walking.
Well! What a contrast –Thursday 28 Feb the Heavens opened with a vengeance – thunder and torrential rain. Those of us who attended the monthly In Landers lunch and managed to swim to the restaurant discussed openly about giving up on the walk the next day. Undeterred – Phil the Endurer, gave an assurance that he would be there regardless.
And so a stalwart, smaller group than usual ventured out to a surprisingly sunny but snow crusted mountain and very chilly walk from the small hamlet of Encebras led by Brian with wife Elizabeth Grass doing safety “Tail End Charlie”. Where is Encebras – go right out of Pinoso towards Monavar and turn right just before Rafaels – keep going until you run out of road. “Hondon (Int) Walkers know no boundaries”
So far our walk leaders have produced the most wonderous of walks (and they are all local) – none better than the other – but always varied and interesting. This walk was equally enjoyable. Setting off from the Gem of a village of Encebras, we passed through equally tidy and neat hamlets on our way up the side of Monte Coto. Sometimes, as was the case with this walk, the view behind is equally as beautiful as that anticipated ahead. Behind we had deep valleys back dropped by snowed topped mountains all of which was viewed from the almond blossoms on Monte Coto . After a short “Comfort” rest at the extraordinarily neat and tidy picnic/BBQ area NE and outside of Encebras we headed uphill (got to be done or it’s not a walk) to retrace our tracks on a parallel but higher route. At the top those who, by necessity of overheating, had discarded outer clothing were quick to redress the situation on the bracing down hill final walk. What did we see? Well so many wild spring flowers, Wild Rosemary with their soft blue blossoms, Yellow Flowered Gorse (if you’re from the north of England Whinney Bushes). Beautiful, in their scenic dereliction, former grand farm houses. Heard, several times, but not seen the horse whinney of the Green Woodpecker.
And what better way to end off the occasion but with an extremely convivial lunch amongst friends. In this case; the always enjoyable and generous hosts of the Oasis at Pinoso.