The rain in Spain

Sunday 28th April 2013,

Here is a tune to cheer you up on a wet Sunday; for those of you over 50, this was the ‘B’ side to Paperback Writer and arguably the best ‘B’ side ever. If you are under 50 you may have to ask your grandma what a ‘B’ side was….!

Click on this link for some fab music.


Now, a word from Phil;

Well, I suppose that even in Spain it couldn’t last! Since we started walking together in October last year the weather hasn’t interfered with our walks to any significant degree, but today, 28th April, we are washed out… Not only would there be no views, but the route would have been difficult with increased risk of injury. So, I’m sorry to have missed the walk and your company, but there will always be another time.

I will change the walk slightly to make it a bit easier than I had planned for today and run it as the easy walk in May, so you won’t miss out if you really fancied this one.

Best regards,