Forward Planning

Phil writes;

Please find attached the plan that we have started to compile. For those who were not able to be here, we decided to finish off this season with 2 walks in June. Then to restart walking in September with 2 walks and to introduce a third, more challenging, walk in October. The general feeling was that the more challenging walks should be done in the cooler months.

We have settled on the June walks and Alan, Brian, Ron and I are considering the what, the where and the when of the subsequent walks to let us fill out the programme some more. You will see that I only feature twice in the list; this isn’t because I am skiving! I am giving you all the chance to get your bids in and I will be happy to fill any remaining gaps! 🙂

I intend to publicise the June walks soon and to tell the membership that we will be in recess until September. I would then like to publish the Sep to Nov walks during the recess, so that people can get the dates into their diaries and to then keep the published walk list going at 3 months ahead.

For December, we are looking for a walk that all standards of walker may participate in, possibly in a similar way to last year, and a venue large enough for a good pre-Christmas lunch, so any suggestions gratefully received.

Please consider the table to be tentative until published as we are all willing to shuffle around to accommodate our respective availability. So Dennis & Malcolm, please do chip in with ideas and dates for walks that you would like to lead. (Dennis, for your Murcian away day walk, I think we should give plenty of notice and perhaps leave it until we have a couple of the more challenging local walks under our boots, what do you think?)

Whatever we come up with, I thank you all for your support and the help that you are providing to keep the group’s momentum going.

Live link to future walks; Future Walks