The next walk is on Friday 17th Jan 2014 and is one that we have not done before. It is a moderate walk because it is about 10km with a height differential of 240m and part of the walk, on the Monte Alto ridge is trackless. So for those who do the entire walk from the centre of HDLF and back it will be a bit of a stretch and will include some steep bits.

However, for those who think that this might be a bit much for them, but would like to do the upper level of the walk, there is the option to park at the 11Km milestone, at the top of the hill on the Albatera road out of HDLF, the CV 873, and this would reduce the walk to about 5Km with a height differential of only 160m, albeit all on tracks and trackless terrain and including the steeper bits.

So, we will set off as usual at 10.00 from Bar28/Ayuntamiento and walk up the parallel road to the CV873 to join the CV873 just below the 11Km marker stone. If you want to do this then just turn up as usual. If you would like to drive to the 11Km point and start from there please let me know in advance so that we don’t miss anybody there. I estimate that the group starting from the village will get to the 11Km point at about 10.30 or so; please be there before that time.

Once we leave the 11km point the route will be on unmade roads and mountain tracks and is quite steep in parts, once on the ridge the tracks tend to disappear, but the way is easily discernible as we head towards the cross at the end of the ridge. The views are brilliant from there and it is well worth the walk. The route is basically an out and back walk, but I can vary the route back to the village for those who are walking the whole route.

The forecast is good, so we shouldn’t have any weather issues, but in the event of fog or low flying clouds it might be necessary to change the route on the day. I am not making any specific provision for lunch on this walk, but the restaurants in HDLF will be open.