Friday’s walk this week is slightly different! We are doing the River of Salt Walk, another chance to get your feet wet, and so we will meet in HDLF to set off in our cars at 09.45 and we will then go in convoy to the start point to begin the walk at our usual time of 10.00. (This is because it is easier to do this than find the start, unless you have been before! Please get together and share cars from HDLF, as the parking area at the start of the walk is quite small. I plan to use my red Volvo Estate and I will park on the Albatera road a little way out of the village, so that you can park behind me.

The walk will take 2.5 to 3 hours and although it is quite short, at a bit less than 7Km, it can be a bit strenuous in places, although no real difficulty. It is suitable for anyone who can walk up and down hill a little and who doesn’t mind climbing over the odd bolder in the river bed. It is a lovely walk with ever changing views and some interesting geological and horological sights.

I haven’t arranged any lunch, because it is Valentines Day and so many people will be going out later, but I’m sure that those who need a drink or a snack after the walk will be accommodated in one of the HDLF watering holes.

The following walk isn’t until the 28th, when we are intending to do a circular walk up El Cid and back and I will post details of this more challenging walk later, but I remind you that this is a more challenging walk, which goes uphil from the moment that you step out of your car at the start point! 🙂