El Cid

Friday 28th of February 2014

Dear All,

We have had some spectacular walks this month so far, the Blossom Walk, The Dry & Wet Chícamo, with the Fortuna Group, and the Salt River walk and the final one, weather permitting, will also be spectacular as the views from the top of El Cid are truly magnificent.

This walk is demanding because of the effort needed to keep walking upwards with little relief for nearly 500m in the first 3Km or so and the total height gain over the whole walk is 720m. The track is good, in most places, but is narrow with a sharp drop off to the side, so good footwear is essential, as is a good supply of water to combat the dehydration of the climb. The route that I have planned is about 10.2Km, but I will assess the situation at the top on the day and we may shorten this if necessary; however please do realise that this is not a route for beginners, nor for those who have any issue with long continuous climbs. Nor, indeed, is it suitable for dogs.

However, I will be leading the walk, so we won’t be going faster than my pace! 🙂

HOW TO GET THERE; I think you can all make your way to the A-31, the main Alicante to Madrid motorway near Elda/Petrer, so we will meet just off Junction 205. The easiest approach is from the South, where you just turn off at Jnct 205 and drive down and onto the service road that runs North parallel and immediately adjacent to the motorway. If you are coming South on the A-31 you also exit at Jnct 205, but you will need a bit of care to find your way to the underpass to take you over to the North bound side and the parallel service road. I propose a rendezvous (RV) on the service road at 09.45 on Friday and I will then lead you up to the car park on the flank of El Cid. (Link to a Google Map for the RV: )

I am not booking anywhere for lunch as the timing of the route will depend on what option we finally take; however, there is a Chinese Buffet restaurant in Elda that could accommodate those who are desperate for food on the day even if we are running a bit late. Otherwise, I recommend bringing some sustenance. At the moment the weather is looking good, sunny and windy and not too hot, we shall see!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as feel able to take on this walk there.