Walk: Macisvensda April 2014


The meeting point is at the Macisvenda Cementario;
from Hondon de los Frailes, go through Macisvenda on the main road until you get to the Church. Once past the church turn right, signposted for Cementario and Centre for the 3rd Age. Are they trying to tell us oldies something? At almost exactly 1Km on this asphalted road you will find the Cementario on your left, with a very large car park in front of it. Be there, booted and spurred, to set off at 10.00.

I grade it as at the more difficult end of Moderate, but is should be within the capabilities of all who are OK with some fairly steep hill climbing. The route is only about 6Km long, but I estimate 2hrs 30m, or perhaps a bit more, for a group to do it. Much of the route is on good tracks, but there is an off track stretch of just over half a kilometre where the height gain is just over 100m as we go up the side of a hill, no drop-offs, and a descent on quite a rough track that requires care. The overall height gain is 288m, compared to the altitude difference of 256m, so not a lot of up and down, just up! …and then down again. 🙂 It is interesting walking and the views are good over quite a lot of our walking territory. Boots or stout walking shoes recommended and for those that prefer to use one a good stick.

Ron recommends trousers, rather than shorts, as there was a hill fire on the off piste bit a few years back and the fire hardened wood on the bushes can be vicious; of course if you don’t mind getting your legs scratched a bit the shorts will be fine….!