Walk, 16th May 2014

Phil writes…..
It was to be expected that given the short notice of today’s walk,16th May, we wouldn’t have a big group, but only 5 of us turned out for it; although we did have a couple of apologies as well. Nevertheless, we had a good time, it was a bit cool when we set off, but it wasn’t long before the wind dropped and the air warmed up so that we could enjoy our ramble around the hills near Encebras and the air was clear enough for us to enjoy the stunning views. The basic walk was only about 6km, so we added on a little out and back spur to see what was at the top of an adjacent hill and that brought the distance up to a more respectable 7Km. So what was at the top of this hill? Yes, you guessed it, more views, albeit from a different aspect. Mick had his trusty iPad with him so we all posed for a ‘selfie’ and as you can see, the sky was blue and the sun was shining and we didn’t get any mud on our boots.

Next Friday’s walk, 23 May, is also a relatively short one at 7Km again.and is back in the Hondón Valley, starting from the top of Camino de la Ermita in HDLF. (This link will give you a map to help you find the start point: http://goo.gl/maps/zcuL6)

The shortness of the walk is somewhat compensated for by a little, slightly difficult, climb that I have put in to make a loop rather than an out and back; however, if you don’t fancy a bit of a scramble up a hillside you can always take Patricia’s original route. You can make your final decision at the start point on Friday morning. It is intended that if we have groups going 2 different ways we will meet up at a convenient viewing point and continue the walk together.

Looking ahead to June and with the experiences of last year in mind, I am intending to offer a walk in early June at our normal time and an evening walk later in the month so that we are not walking in such high temperatures. Watch this space for further details.