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“Patricia and Twister’s Walk”

On Friday, 23rd May, 17 people and a dog (Twister) gathered at the top of Camino de la Ermita in Hondón de los Frailes to try a new walk. The group was mixed with varying levels of fitness so two options were provided. The ‘Gung Ho’ Brigade put their trust in Philip, a most unwise decision really, whilst the more cautious followed Patricia and both groups met on top of the ridge at a viewing point looking over the plain of Murcia and our local quarry.

From the parking area by the old Olive Tree, Patricia’s group took the road off to the left and started ascending Monte Alto on the unmade road that starts at the end on the asphalted surface of Camino de la Ermita and worked their way up to a junction where a well defined track goes off to the right. They then followed this until it apparently petered out at the viewing point. Philip’s group went off to the right and followed a track around the ridge until it seemed to be petering out much lower down. But it wasn’t really, it just became very narrow and very steep, which was a bit of a challenge for some people, but all that started up arrived at the top in one piece.

They must have done well because this group were first to the viewing point, even after sampling another viewing point part way up the ascent! Nevertheless they were assured that Philip hadn’t led them to far astray as they could see Patricia and her group approaching. After a break and some photo opportunities, the combined group walk along the track that the more cautious walkers had used until they were on the main ascent track for Monte Alto. At this point some walkers elected to descend back to the cars, having enjoyed just enough exercise for them. The remainder carried on up to the cross roads at the top of the Monte Alto ridge and on down to the Albatera Road, before turning left past the Coral de Sarastro and various minor roads and tracks to get back to the cars.

All in all it was a pleasant walk on a beautiful walking day. Incriminating photos courtesy of Kees.”



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