October Walks!

Hello everyone,

And the wall came tumbling down in Hondon

Flood Damage in Hondon

Firstly an apology for being a bit tardy of late. I had the walks for October sorted out and then the heavens opened, three times in three days and we lost a good stretch of the garden wall and the garden and drive were inundated with water, debris and mud. I attach a photo for your interest!

I also managed to smash the end of my right index finger while clearing the debris so that we could get the car out, no photo, too gruesome! So 4 stitches and a large dressing later I am finding many jobs including typing quite a bit more difficult than usual.

Then I realised, after looking around at other damage in and about the village, that I needed to recce the chosen routes to see if they are still walkable and if not to recce alternatives.

So there will be a slight delay in publishing the October programme, please bear with me. I am still planning 2 walks this month, one very easy to get us back into the swing of things and then a more moderate walk later. So both walks may now appear in the second half of the month.

For those of you who have read Malcolm’s plea on the Blog and feel like having a go at being a blog master but haven’t got around to volunteering, don’t worry, the position is now filled. Dez Cook has taken it on; you know the old saying, if you want something done find a busy person…!


Philip Woolford
HV Walking Group Founder