October… It’s time to take a hike!

Oct 2014: Horray! The Hondón Walking Group now resumes its activities after the Summer Recess (too hot) and an enforced delay caused by the weather at the end of September (too wet!)

» OCTOBER WALK #1: Thursday, 23rd October at 10.00

For those new to this blog a few words of welcome:

INFORMAL & FRIENDLY: We are an informal walking group, no committees, very few rules and those only for safety and we are open to anyone who is able to walk without endangering others or spoiling the enjoyment of others.

MULTINATIONAL: For safety reasons we prefer English speakers, but we are a multinational group with British, of all sorts, Dutch, German, Belgian and Spanish members. There are no fees, no obligations about the number of walks that you participate in and no obligation to join the occasional social activity if you don’t want to.

HILLS: As we live inland and in the case of Hondón de los Frailes, for example, at heights between 400 and 500m (1,300 to 1,640ft) we are inevitably a hill walking group, so if you don’t like or can’t climb and descend hills we are probably not for you. However, if hill walking is for you then please feel free to come along and give us a try.

FREQUENCY & GRADING: At present we do two or three walks a month and for simplicity we have three grades of walk.

Our standard walk is graded as Moderate and tends to be 8 to 12Km with a height gain up to 500m and might include some rough ground and short scrambles. Either side of this we have an Easier grade, which might be shorter, will certainly have a smaller height gain, and might have less demanding terrain underfoot. Our more Demanding walks might be longer, have more height gain, be on rougher terrain or any combination thereof.

We aim to have one easier and one moderate walk per month and in some months we will have a more demanding walk. So, there is an easy entry option if you are new to walking and a route up through the grades as you gain experience and fitness.

LUNCH: Some walk leaders arrange their walks to allow a menu-del dia afterwards, but these are entirely optional. Some people go to the pub for a drink after, whilst others just go home. It is entirely up to the individual walker.

TRY IT! So, if you are reading this and hesitating about giving it a try, why not come along to one of the walks this month and give it a go?

» OCTOBER WALK #1: Thursday, 23rd October at 10.00 [ DETAILS HERE ]