Walk: 21st November 2014 Hondón

WALK REPORT from Phil …

♦ Friday, 21st November – (Ref 304)

HWG November 21

It was a cool and overcast morning, but 33 people and 2 dogs met in the village square in El Canton to begin the scheduled walk. Leaving the village on a short tarmac road we began the walk proper on a recently graded unmade road. (Thanks to the local farmers, the Council or whoever recovered the route for us after the Gota Frias!)

After a couple of kilometres warm up on these good, and basically level, tracks we began the climb and by the second stop there was much stripping off of fleeces etc. as the sun was emerging and the combination of sun and and mild exertion was raising  the body temperature for everyone!

After a final stop at the top of the climb to take in the view and to get the pulse rate back to normal, we returned to level tracks and then descending tracks as we wended our way back to El Canton. Because we had a good turnout of new people and there had been considerable erosion of my preferred track along the bottom of a barranco we abandoned the mild challenge that this introduced and stuck to the main La Canalosa to El Canton road for about 200m before regaining an unmade track.

I had budgeted 2 hr 30 min for a group walk on this route, but everyone kept up a good pace, so I can say that all of our new members who did this walk should be able to enjoy the Salt River walk on the 5th December! So, arriving back in the village square we broke up, with some people going off to other commitments, but a group of 20 of us popped around the corner to Manolo’s restaurant where we unwound, decompressed, with a drink or two and 15 of us took the lunch prepared by Mrs Manolo, aka María. This was  a typical plain Spanish menu, but at only €8.00 was excellent value and provided a good social opportunity.

All good !!

NOTE: Between now and the end of the year the walk leaders will be developing a programme for the early part of 2015, so watch this space.”

Philip Woolford
(HV Walking Group Founder)


A moderate end of easy walk! About 2hrs 30m, mas o menos.

A circular walk of just under 9Km with a height gain of 190m, but rather more demanding because it is steeper than the previous walk. However, the uphill bit is all in one go near the beginning of the walk, but after you have got your legs and lungs in gear, so once you have done it is all level or downhill. Trust me, I am a walk leader and we never lie… well not much anyway! 🙂

 ♦ The Rendezvous (RV)

Please RV in the centre of El Canton, between Barbaroja and Algueña. Street parking. Depart at 10.00 prompt.

I haven’t spoken to Manolo yet, but there will probably be a menu del día in Manolo’s restaurant in El Canton for those that would like to partake. Please let me know by the 18th Nov. This is a small restaurant and he needs to know how much shopping to do! 🙂

♦ Walk Friday, 7th November – (Ref 303)

An easy end of moderate walk to stretch you a little bit, about 3 hours.

An out and back walk of 12.5 Km. Height gain 225 metres, height differential 149m / good roads and paths, most of the height gain is near the beginning of the walk and the slopes are quite gentle, after that there is a little up and down but, apart from the descent, the road is mostly level. A pleasant walk through mixed countryside with stunning views over the plain of Murcia as your reward for the outward climb. If we aren’t in cloud by then!

 ♦ The Rendezvous (RV)

Please RV in the car park in front of the Restaurante del Fogon, between Hondón de los Frailes and Barbaroja, to set off at 10.00 promptly.

Coffee available before the walk and tapas or a menu del día available at the Fogon after. So please let me know by Wednesday evening if you wish to take either tapas or the menu.