Walk #306: Abrepaso Hondón, 14 Dec’ 2014


WALK #306: The “2nd Marcha of Hondón de los Frailes” will take place on Sunday, 14th December, starting from the Town Hall Square at 09.30am. This is a 10Km route with a height gain of 235m, starting on tarmac and then going onto forest tracks on the hillside. Last year a similar route attracted people of all ages, including quite a few who you would not normally expect to see walking this distance.  ( » PDF Fact Sheet Here [English])


The event is organised by ABREPASO, a walking and running organisation, and the Hondón de los Frailes Town Hall and all are invited to participate. More information is available, in Spanish at: http://www.abrepaso.comuv.com/sobre_nosotros.php However, I have made a rough translation, attached to cover the major points.

Registration and Fee: To participate you need to register beforehand, which you may do online up to 10th December or outside the Town Hall on Saturdays 29th November and 6 December between 10.00 and 13.00.

The registration fee is €3.00, paid at the time of registration, plus 2Kg of non-perishable food which has to be handed over when you collect your official number on Saturday December 13th from 10:00 to 12:00 and 17:00 to 19:00 in the plaza of the village of Hondón de los Frailes and on the day of the event from 8:00 to 9:00. You will also need to present ID to get your number!

Food Donations: Suggestions for the food contributions are: Pulses (Legumbres) – dried or bottled beans (Alubias, Judias), chickpeas (Garbanzos) lentils (Lentejas) etc. Oil – olive or vegetable. Tinned goods – pâtés, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables. Sugar. Flour. Biscuits etc. Coffee, ground or beans, but not instant. Long life milk, not fresh.

So, why not come along and have an enjoyable walk in the sunshine! (For what it’s worth the current forecast for the 14th December is brilliant sunshine and a nice cool 12°C, perfect walking weather.

Philip Woolford
HV Walking Group Founder