#316. 22nd May. La Vella Walk

HWGLaVellaSignWalk Ref # 316 La Vella Walk
Day: Friday Date:  22nd May
Time:     10.00am
Distance:   Km 10.6
Height gain: 413m
Estimated Duration:
3 to 4 hours.
Estimated Difficulty: Moderate. (See Grading Notes).

RV Location:     Hondón de las Nieves Picnic Area. If you don’t know where that is please follow this link: http://goo.gl/maps/GmhjA for a map of the way to the picnic area from the Los Serranos concrete pipe factory on the CV-845 between Hondón de los Frailes and Hondón de las Nieves.
Co-ord’s: N: 38.283114° W: 0.884798°

Post Walk Report by Phil
HWGVella-06On Friday, 22nd May, there was excellent walking weather, blue skies, a few clouds, a gentle breeze and not too hot. This was great for the twelve people and one very well behaved dog that set off to scale the heights of La Vella under the guidance of Malcolm Thompson. Oh all right, we only scaled the small pimple at the top of the hill, where the trig point is, the rest of the way we just walked up! 🙂 Nevertheless it was an achievement, especially for some new people who were not used to our walking conditions. The views towards the coast were a bit hazy, but looking over the valley and further inland the views were quite clear.

After a short break at the top to enjoy both the achievement and the views, not to mention the consumption of sandwiches, fruit and even chocolate and of course the obligatory water, we set off back down the hill and returned to the Hondón de las Nieves picnic area by a different route and were back at our cars in a little over three hours. I am pleased to report that Malcolm brought as many people back as he left with, and they were the same people! Although we nearly collected some 30 school children who seemed quite keen to walk with us, well, at least with our well behaved dog! Fortunately their teachers corralled them and kept them to their lesson on the countryside.

After the walk 15 people slaked their thirst and replenished their calories, and a few more over a convivial lunch at La Finca. No I wasn’t seeing double, some non-walking partners joined those of us who went for lunch.

That was the penultimate walk of the season, I had intended to do one next week, but other commitments overtook me and I have had to postpone El Cid until the autumn. So the next walk is on the 12th June and will be our last until the weather cools a bit after summer, probably in September. The last walk won’t be as easy as the first one of the season, but it is mostly level (walk leader speak for gently undulating) and although it is 11:m or so is suitable for anyone who has walked this season and for well behaved dogs. The RV is Jenny Lock’s B&B and she will provide lunch afterwards, for a small fee of course. Non-walking partners are also welcome as long as we don’t overwhelm Jenny! 🙂

As a result of some people not being able to find the RV on a previous walk and others  not being able to attend after saying that they would be there I said that I would provide you with my mobile phone number (see you email). I decided against publishing it in the blog as I get enough SPAM as it is and don’t want every call girl in the world ringing me up! So please  put it into your phones so that if necessary you can call me to tell me that you are running late, can’t find the RV because my directions aren’t any good or just want to invite me for a beer…!


Walk Description:  A hill walk of about 10.6 Km, beginning at the Hondón de Las Nieves picnic area and wending our way up to the summit of La Vella, the hill with the multiple radio masts at the top. There is a short level bit when we start off, but then we start climbing and by the time we reach the top we will have gained 413m; however the gain is worth the pain as there are tremendous views over the Hondón Valley on the way up and on the last leg up and at the top there are wonderful views out to sea over the lowlands. We return by a slightly different route. Although much of the route is on well graded country roads, the first part of the ascent does require good walking footwear as a considerable part of it is single track over rock.

Malcolm Thompson, will be leading this walk and when we did it last time it took us just over 3 hours, including time at the top to take in the views. So for a group we are estimating between 3 & 4 hours and will depart at 10.00. Because the ascent is almost continuous walking up hill, we do recommend that you carry some snack food to sustain your energy levels and, of course adequate water to avoid dehydration on a warm and hopefully sunny day. For those who may be concerned about the altitude gain on this walk, I can liken the slope to the walk up from the river bed on the River of Salt walk; it just goes on a bit longer!

Lunch: For those who would like a lunch after the walk please book with me, philipthewalker@fastmail.es and not with Malcolm. I am planning to go to La Finca on the urbanisation La Montañosa, which is between HDLF and HDLN and has recently changed hands again. We went there to day and thought the food was excellent. The Menu is €12.50 for three courses, up to 20 people it doesn’t include a drink, but over 20 it does, so the more the merrier, literally! There is no salad course, but unlike Spanish restaurants you get a serving of salad on both first and second plates. The portions are more generous and of better quality than you usually get in a Spanish restaurant, so I think the price is reasonable. I don’t have a menu for our visit yet, but would still appreciate knowing your intentions as soon as practicable. Then I will e-mail those indicating interest in lunch after the walk with the menu when I get it. I will need to advise the restaurant of numbers on the 19th May.

Equipment: Walking boots providing ankle support recommended and a stick or pole if you feel uncomfortable on loose footings.

Dogs: This walk is suitable for well behaved dogs under owner control. However, they must be on leads at the beginning of the walk for the part of the walk that goes through a shooting area.