#401 The Aspe Amble Walk

Walk Ref # 401  The Aspe Amble
Day : Friday    Date: 18th September 2015        Time:     10.00am
Distance:  8.9 Km     Height gain: 70m    Est’d Duration: 2-3 hours, incl coffee stop!
Estimated Difficulty*:    Very easy!
Apart from one very short and easy scramble you could take your Granny in a wheel chair!  It doesn´t even feature on the footer guide to our walking grades. LOL!

Post Walk Report

Hi all! On a lovely sunny morning, on the 18th September, 32 walkers gathered to undertake the Aspe Amble, an 8.9 Km, a very easy walk that even included a coffee stop just after the half way point. Following the dry bed of the Río Rafica we winded our way to Aspe. The route took us along good tracks and a little bit of paved Road, arriving at Aspe through the tunnel under the bypass. As we waited to cross the La Romana Road, shock, horror, two lorries, one from each direction stopped to let us use the cycle crossing. Not being used to such a thing herein Spain it took us a few nanoseconds to react and cross over waving to these knights of the road! LOL.

Spet 2015 - The Aspe Amble Walk

Returning to the river track it was noticeable that the vegetation was becoming more lush with every step we took. Eventually we arrived at the spring where the underground river reaches the surface and we could finally see that it was no longer a dry river bed. We then back tracked a few metres and climbed up into an industrial part of Aspe and arrived at the coffee stop. We spread our custom between the 3 coffee bars in the immediate area and took our ease for half an hour.

We then set off back with 34 (!) in the group and took ourselves back to the start point. It appears that everyone enjoyed both the easy walk and the convivial company.
Cheers, Phil.

RV Location / Directions:  From the Hondón Valley, take the CV 845 towards Aspe and as you leave Hondón de las Nieves and climb up the hill towards the Holcim quarry take the left turn onto a minor road in front of the quarry entrance, see arrow on photo below.

Holcim: Old road to Aspe

Proceed 2.7Km along this minor road, passing several picnic areas and you will see a parking and picnic area sign, almost opposite a road joining from the left. The car park will be on your right just around the bend to the right in front of you.

From Aspe or La Romana take the turn off the Aspe La Romana road, the CV 846, that is just outside Aspe and is sign posted “Hondón de las Nieves 7” and also has an orange sign for the Polideportivo.  See Photo below.

Aspe: To Deportivo Sign


Proceed 2.7 Km along this road and you will see the parking area on your left.

GPS: The RV is at: N: 38.327812°W: -0.812480° for those of you using Sat Navs

Walk Description:    This is an out and back walk with a small loop pn the edge of Aspe. From the car park we will follow the route of the dry river, sometimes on a good track along the river bed and sometimes on metalled roads along the river bank. The going is easy with no steep climbs and those that we have are only from the river bed to the road and vice versa. Just after the half way point, when we will be in Aspe, we will take a break in or near the “Ya” coffee shop. From there we will go down the hill and back to return on the same route.

Lunch: No lunch is planned, but take money for your coffee etc. at the coffee stop.

Special Notes:
Equipment:   No special equipment or footwear needed; but no high heels or strappy sandals please! As ever, please carry your own water supply, first aid kit and, if appropriate protective clothing. I shall be using a walking poll just in case my back plays up, but sticks aren’t really needed on this walk.

Dogs:   This walk is suitable for well behaved dogs under owner control.
Other Notes:    ¡Nada!