Looking forward to the 2015 Walking Season

Phil, Walk Leader, is looking forward to the new 2015 walking season and invites you to join the Hondon Walking Group…

“I have been a bit concerned about starting the new season off, as I pulled a muscle in my back recently and have been unsure about my ability to walk. However, it seems to have healed up so I propose having the first walk of the season on Friday, the18th of September, and doing the very easy walk that we started the season with last year.”  (» details here).

“The walk is more social than challenging, so is ideal for new walkers to try us out and for people who haven’t walked for a while to get their legs working again! As of today, the forecast for the 18th is sunny with a max temp of 24C, so super walking weather, but we will see!”

A request for volunteers to lead a walk:
Looking ahead, I plan 2 walks in October, on Tuesday the 6th and Friday the 16th. Unfortunately other activities preclude most other days. However, I have a problem with November as I will not be available for most of the month. So, could I have volunteers to lead the 2 walks in November please?

“I will also publish a message inviting more people on the Club Frailes message board, but if you have friends or neighbours who might be interested in hill walking please feel free to bring them along.”

So, here’s to an enjoyable new season, I look forward to walking with you.