#406 Barbarroja and La Canalosa Loop

La Canalosa ChurchWalk Ref: #406. The Barbarroja and La Canalosa Loop
Date/ Time: Friday, 4th December 2015.  Starting at 10.00am
Distance: 11Km    Height Gain: 175m
Duration: 3 hours 30 Minutes.
Difficulty: Easy (see walk grades)

Primary RV Location: The Social Club in Barbaroja. (GPS 38°16’37.33″N:  0°57’44.44″W)
Secondary RV: Bar La Masía in La Canalosa. (GPS  38°18’14.65″N:  0°56’14.53″W)


Phil says… “Unusually, I need an indication of your walking intentions, because this route involves a coffee stop and I need to give the owner of the small bar an indication of numbers before hand. As usual, I also need your intentions for lunch so the German and Sonia may prepare appropriate amounts of food and stock up their wine cellar!

You are also welcome to attend if you don’t feel up to the walk and just want to socialise and if you have a non walking partner or driver feel free to bring them along. Please let me know your intentions and wishes by 17.00 on Tuesday, 1st December.
Regards, Philip Woolford  (HV Walking Group Founder)

Walk Description:    This will be a circular walk, departing the Social Club in the centre of Barbarroja, initially on tarmac, but quickly moving onto good farm tracks.

We will follow the gently climbing track up towards La Canalosa until we come to the main road and then follow that into La Canalosa, where we will take a coffee stop at the first bar that we come to, which is La Masía. I estimate that this will take about 1 hour and 15 to 20 minutes.

Leaving the Bar refreshed we will continue to climb a little more, about 35m, and then descend back towards Barbarroja on metalled roads of varying quality. The overall distance will be just over 11Km of easy walking. However, if you want to shorten the walk you could meet us at La Masía just after 11.00 and walk from there. If you park there then I’m sure that we can organise a car recovery lift on the day if you don’t have your own arrangements. This part of the walk will be a little less than 7Km and almost all downhill or level.

Lunch: Equally, there will be no objection if you want to just join for lunch or have a non-walking partner join you.

Special Notes:
Equipment:    Comfortable walking shoes/boots and clothing appropriate for the day, plus of course your water supply.

Dogs:    This walk is suitable for well behaved dogs under owner control, but they will need to be on the lead for a considerable part of the walk.

Coffee & Lunch: Don’t forget some small change for your coffees and if you are joining at La Masía I recommend getting your orders in before the group arrives! (It is only a small place and service may take a little while, although they are expecting us.)
Lunch will be in the Social Club and there will be Salad, Jamon and Cheese, Paella, Platos Combinados, Postre and Vino, all for €12.

Other:    Please indicate your intentions so that I may forewarn La Masia and the Social Club of how many to expect. Please also let me know if you have any special dietary requirements. The Target Date/Time for booking is 17.00 on 1 December please.

Regards, Philip (Walk Leader)