#410 El Boqueron Loop

HWG Boqueron Map

Walk Ref: #410 The Boqueron Loop
Date & Time :   Friday 19 February 2016, Start 10.00am
Distances:  9.5Km     Height gain: 460m
Est’d Duration: 3 hours.
Est’d Difficulty*: Moderate (Walk Grades)

RV Location: Museum Municipal (1928), Hondón de las Nieves, which is a short distance out of Nieves on the road to Boqueron, map on the following link and photograph attached to help you find and identify the building. Please park prettily!  The map also shows the route of the walk.

The RV is at: 38°18’10.63″N: 0°51’10.78″W for those of you using Sat Navs. » MAP LINK:

Post Walk Report

On Friday, 19th Feb the morning dawned damp and grey, but 17 intrepid walkers still gathered for the walk from Boquera. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea though, because the walk leader then set off up the wrong road! Still, after we had been up the wrong hill for a bit we turned back and by the time we got to the cars people could leave the clothes that they no longer needed in the cars. Not only that but the group was renamed the Grand Old Duke of York’s Regiment for the day and Philip got the soubriquet of the Grand Old Duke of York! So after much ribaldry and the need to recite the nursery rhyme for those that didn’t know it we set off again on the correct road. For readers that don’t know the rhyme:

The Grand old Duke of York, he had ten thousand men,
he marched them up to the top of the hill
and he marched them down again.
When they were up they were up
and when they were down they were down
and when they were only half way up
they were neither up nor down!

HWGBoqueronWell, enough of that! The group finally set off on the right route and taking very few rest breaks, now that they were warmed up, climbed up to the ridge and along a ways before descending again, some two and a half hours later and having enjoyed not only the exercise but also the views in the wintery sunlight. Arriving back in Boquera, only 30 minutes later than my original estimate, we met three more people who had missed our on time departure and taken themselves off to walk independently. The group then split up and 12 people went to the Restaurante Hierbabuena Asader in Hondón de las Nieves for drinks and lunch for 10 of us, the other two having other commitments. This turned out to be an excellent lunch in a nice environment with good service and convivial company. In fact I think it was one of the latest times that I have left a post walk lunch when I left the others at the table at 4.50! 🙂

Here is a link to the photographs that I took:
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/44lgl3ys64ews3i/AAA7B035H8P6qXrO33j4pcHpa?dl=0
if anyone else has shots taken on the day please forward them to our Blog Master.

Walk Description:    The walk is all on roads, mostly unmade roads, but with about 1km on asphalt at beginning and end of the route. Overall the route is about 9.5km with a height gain of 460m and should take 2.5 – 3 hours. Once the road starts to rise, shortly after leaving the Museu, it is an almost continuous climb for about 4km, although the gradient drops off considerably over the last km which seems almost level by comparison! Then we start a long 5km descent, interrupted by a short climb and descent to and from a viewing point La Montanosa, Nieves.

Special Notes: None
Lunch: Nothing organised.
Equipment:    The usual stuff, walking boots with ankle support recommended, walking poles for those that like some support while ascending and descending on loose paths and, of course your personal water, sustenance if you need it and your first aid kit.
Dogs:    This walk is suitable for well behaved dogs under owner control.
Other:    None

Regards, Philip (Walk Leader)