Two October Walks

The October Walks – Fridays 14th and 28th October 2016

Walk #503 – 14th of October:  I want to show you a slightly different area and also build up our mountain fitness. So, we will meet at the Restaurante del Fogón to walk up to the top of the ridge on the opposite side of the valley. This is the last of the easy walks for a while, but anyone managing this walk should be able to progress onto the moderate walks that will follow.

» Download walk 503 details (Adobe PDF)

Walk #504 – 28th of October:  I think it will now be time to go for a slightly more difficult walk, so I have selected the Algayat Circular walk. This is a moderate walk, because of the distance and height gain, but it isn’t otherwise difficult and most people should be able to do it.

» Download walk 504 details (Adobe PDF)