Jeannie Ashford Memorial Walk Report

Jeannie Ashford Walk 2016

Dear all,
On Friday, 25th November, we gathered for the Jeannie Ashford Memorial Walk and 24 of Jeannie’s friends and supporters set off to recreate the walk that Jeannie led previously.

Jeannie AshfordStarting from the Bar/Restaurant in Casas Galianas, we wended our way up to the Pumping Station and onto the 5 hills that look down on Hondón de los Frailes from the North. Uphill and down dale we went and some of us found that we weren’t as fit as we were when we did this walk with Jeannie, some 3 years ago! So, not everyone made it to the top of the 5th Hill. Nevertheless, we regrouped on the way back and returned via the old quarry road and we didn’t lose anybody on the way!

Photos here: A special thank you to Margaret for taking the photographs, which you may find at this Dropbox link:

It was a lovely walking day, with bright sunshine and a good temperature for walking and remembering our late friend and fellow walker who is sadly missed by all who knew her. At various points on the walk good words were said about her and remembrances were shared. When we returned to the cars, we diverted into the Bar or, rather, onto its sun terrace, to enjoy the sun and to raise a glass or two to Jeannie. All in all, I think that Jeannie would have loved it.

Philip Woolford
HV Walking Group Founder
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