March & April 2017: Three Walks

hwgfogon11Hello fellow walkers.

I have provided details  (attached PDFs) for the next three walks during March.

I have decided to do a walk near Macisvenda this month as many of the current group will not have done these walks.

  1. Friday March 10th Macisvenda Circular Walk: The first is quite easy and the second is more moderate, but still doable for most people in the group.
    Start Time:     10.00am    Distance:   Km 7.00     Height gain: 200m
    Est’d Duration: 2 hours 30min.  Est’d Difficulty: Easy.
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  2. Friday March 24th Macisvenda Figure of 8: A moderate walk, involving a mixture of good tracks and rough ground. Quite a bit of hill climbing on variable quality tracks although the descents are generally better. We will take a very short diversion early on to see the fish in the stream, all being well!
    Start Time:     10.00am    Distance:   Km 9.00     Height gain: 300m
    Est’d Duration: 3 hours.        Est’d Difficulty: Moderate.
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  3. Friday April 7th Aspe Walk: This is a circular walk, which will include a short visit to a viewing area by an Ermita just as we leave the town. Later we will visit two ancient aqueducts, known locally as four and five eyes because of the number of arches. There is nothing technically difficult about the walk; it goes up and down repeatedly so no long climbs
    Start Time:     10.00am    Distance: 11 Km     Height gain: 413m
    Est’d Duration: 3-4 hours.  Est’d Difficulty*: Moderate.
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And thinking ahead ….

April: As a bonus I also include the first walk in April 7th, which will be led by Brian Grass as I shall be attending our son’s 50th Birthday celebrations. The difficulties associated with this walk are finding the RV and the length of the walk if it is a really hot day! To help with the first issue I attach a .kmz file which if you open it in Google earth will show you exactly where the RV is. As to the other issue, please make sure that you carry sufficient water to sustain you, especially if the weather is nice and hot.

Philip Woolford
HV Walking Group Founder