Walks for February 2018 #610 & #611

Hello Everyone,

Philip’s Post Walk Comment …
Well the sun shone brilliantly Friday and although the air was a bit cool it was lovely walking weather and 16 people and 2 dogs enjoyed the walk, the sun and a bit of a paddle. However, we didn’t seem to bother the fish too much! The numbers were a bit down, but we do seem to be well represented in the Pantomime troupe in Hondon Valley, so perhaps we will get back to normal when it is over. Oh no we won’t! Oh yes we will!! 🙂

Looking ahead, we will have 2, or possibly 3, walks in March. The first one on the 9th, will be an easy one, which I will lead, the second will be on the 23rd will be a high end of moderate and will be led by Trevor Knight and hopefully we will have another on the 30th, led by Cees. I will confirm this when I have more information. Philip

Today (2 Feb) we had the delayed second walk for January, and the day dawned on wet ground after overnight rain and the sight of snow on the ridge of the Sierra del Argallet. Then it started to rain, which turned to sleet and then to snow. So, I set off for the RV thinking that there probably wouldn’t be anyone waiting or perhaps just a few who would decide not to bother with the walk! I couldn’t have been more wrong! To my amazement and pleasure 24 hardy souls (or idiots) were waiting to set off! 🙂

So, we did, in steady drizzle, a mix of rain and sleet, and into the wind as we walked through the village. We got a few strange looks from the locals and by the time we got to the cemetery 2 people had a rush of common sense and turned back, so 23 crazy people and some dogs continued. There was a taunting band of sunlight on the horizon that promised better walking conditions, but it never got to us. However, about a third of the way into the walk the rain stopped and the wind dropped a bit and on we went. Amazingly, we actually enjoyed the walk and by the time we got back to Macisvenda people were in good spirits and looking forward to the next walk.

Next Walk #610 … Weather Dependent

So, the next walk will be the first for February’s calendar, next Friday, the 9th of February, and will start from Barbarroja. My first thoughts were to do the walk that we usually do at this time of year, but as I drove home through falling snow I began to wonder about parts of that walk that are in ploughed fields! So, I have two possibilities in mind, the choice depending on the weather in the coming week. If we don’t get a lot more rain and the ground dries out enough for us to not get too clagged up with mud we will do the Almond Blossom walk (610a).

However, if that isn’t feasible we will do the La Canalosa loop route which is all on good tracks and roads.(610b) That walk is a bit longer at 11Km, but there is an opportunity for a coffee stop in La Canalosa if we aren’t too big a group to descend on a cafe without prior warning. So please come prepared to do either walk.

#611 23rd February Macisvenda

The second February walk will be on Friday, 23rd of February.and will again be from Macisvenda, but it goes nowhere near today’s walk! It is a moderate walk of some 9Km on varying quality surfaces and involves more climbing than we have done recently. For those that don’t know it there is a running river, with fish in it, that we visit at the start of the walk and walk in the stream that is the source of the river as we return, such a thing is quite unusual in these parts.

So there you are that is February’s programme. I will now start work on March’s programme and will introduce some more variation as the weather improves… hopefully!

Phil. Walk Leader