Walk Grades

Grading our Walk Routes

Although it can be subjective, we do try to grade and time our walks from easy to moderate to more demanding so you can gauge whether the walk is suitable for you and your own fitness levels.

Difficulty Standards:

Here is a general meaning of our grading system. But please always read the walk description for any special notes.

  1. Easy: The easier walks are usually shorter, say 5 to 10Km, have a smaller height gain of, say, up to 200m, and are mostly on roads, good tracks and established footpaths; although we try to avoid metalled roads where possible.
  2. Moderate: Moderate walks tend to be 8 to 12Km with a height gain up to 500m and might include some rough ground and short scrambles.
  3. More Demanding: The more demanding walks might be longer, have more height gain, be on rougher terrain or any combination thereof.
  4. Height Gain: For anyone unfamiliar with the term “height gain” this is the total amount of going uphill on the walk and consequently, going downhill. It is not necessarily the altitude difference between the start point and the highest point of the walk.